Faculty Competencies to program specific Criteria:
The faculty of our department is our greatest asset. Check it out yourselves!   In addition to the regular faculty, 18 faculty members are working on ad-hoc basis (as on 15th July, 2016).
Name of faculty Designation Highest Degree Experience# PhD Supervisor Email
Dr. Y.V. Joshi Professor Ph.D. 30 Years Yes yvjoshi@sggs.ac.in
Dr. S.N. Talbar Professor Ph.D. 31 Years Yes sntalbar@yahoo.com
Dr. D.D. Doye Professor Ph.D. 28 Years Yes dddoye@yahoo.com
Dr. R.R. Manthalkar Professor Ph.D. 28 Years Yes rrmanthalkar@sggs.ac.in
Dr. S.V. Bonde Professor Ph.D. 28 Years Yes svbonde@sggs.ac.in
Dr. S.S. Gajre Associate Professor Ph.D. 26 Years Yes ssgajre@sggs.ac.in
Dr. A. B. Gonde Associate Professor
(Head of Dept.)
Ph.D. 23 Years Yes abgonde@sggs.ac.in
Mrs. U.R. Kamble Associate Professor M.E. 23 Years - urkamble@sggs.ac.in
    Ph.D.Ongoing     urkamble@yahoo.co.in
Dr. M.B. Kokare Associate Professor Ph.D. 23 Years Yes mbkokare@sggs.ac.in
Dr. A.V. Nandedkar Associate Professor Ph.D. 19 Years Yes avnandedkar@sggs.ac.in
A.I. Tamboli Assistant Professor M.Tech. 20 Years - aitamboli@sggs.ac.in
    Ph.D.Ongoing     aitamboli@yahoo.com
Dr. S.G. Kejgir, Mrs Associate Professor Ph.D. 19 Years - sgkejgir@sggs.ac.in
M.V. Bhalerao Assistant Professor M.Tech. 10 Years - mvbhalerao@sggs.ac.in
    Ph.D.Ongoing     bhalerao.milind@gmail.com
S.M. Jatti Assistant Professor M.Tech. 8 Years - jattisunil@gmail.com
    Ph.D.Ongoing (QIP@IITR)     smjatti@sggs.ac.in 
Dr. L.V. Birgale, Ms Assistant Professor Ph.D. 8 Years Yes lvbirgale@sggs.ac.in

#Experience as on 1st July. 2017

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Arnab Das

Research Fellow, Acoustic Research Lab, Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Sigapore, Singapore
Former Associate Professor, MILIT Pune

M.Tech and Ph.D. from IIT Delhi; Retired Commander in the Indian Navy; formerly attached to naval wing of the Military Institute of Training (MILIT), Pune, as faculty; Works in Acoustic Research Lab, Tropical Marine Science Institute, Singapore.

Mr. Rajiv Mantri

Analog Hardware Technologist

Currently with Eklakshya R&D Center; 29 years of experience as a Design Engineer, Design Manager, Silicon Verification Manager, VLSI Product Strategist, VLSI Product Architect / Business Owner; Architect cum business owner for Digital X-Ray Analog front end business; US patent applied for technique to overcome pixel short defects in X-Ray sensor plate increasing the end product yield by ~30% (Sensor costs USD 4000).

Mr. Vishwas Kurundkar

Specializes in creating employable graduates and helping them enriching their career

Over 25 years of industrial experience in field of Industrial Automation; Worked with various multinationals like Rockwell Automation India & Crompton Greaves; Brings with him rich experience on applications in various domains and customer interface; Aiming at creating think tank, developing culture of Innovation and research among youngsters for benefit of underdeveloped area; Currently works as Director, ekLakshya VLSI R &D Centre.


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