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The department conducts regularly faculty and staff development programs under the AICTE/ISTE/TEQIP?Center of Excellence schemes for the benefit of faculty members of various engineering/polytechnic colleges and Research Scholars. Experts from IITs/NITs/R&D Labs/industry are regularly contributing to these courses.

The aim of conducting these course is to update the knowledge of all the concerned in the advanced technological area. This is helping us in developing good interaction with industry and research and development laboratories of national repute.

In addition to above list the faculty members of this department have extensively lectured in the short term courses for faculty development conducted at various institutes in India and abroad.

Workshops conducted by our department:

Workshop Title Date Co-ordinators Guest(s)
One day workshop on 
"Industry Institute Interaction and Partnership 
Embedded and VLSI Domain"
August 4, 2015

Dr. S.S. Gajre

Mr. Vivek Pawar, CEO, Sankalp Semiconductor, Pvt. Ltd., Hubli
Mr. Pradeep Dharne, Managing Director, Applied Micro Circuits, Pune
Mr. Sachin Pathak, Mentor Graphics, Bangalore
Mr. Ravi Boonapalli, Mentor Graphics, Bangalore
Mr. DVR Murthy, SocTronics Technologies, Hyderabad
Mr. Gangadhar Gude, Invecas, Hyderabad
Mr. Shivraj Dharne, Intel Corporation, Bangalore
Mr. Shivraj Thakare, Intel Corporation, Bangalore
Mr. Vishwas Kurundkar, Eklakshya R&D, Pune
Mr. Rajiv Mantri, Eklakshya R&D, Pune
Mr. Satish Deshpande, Eklakshya R&D, Pune
2-week AICTE approved Faculty Development Program on "Multirate Signal Processing and Wavelets" June 29-July 10, 2015 Dr.Y.V.Joshi Dr.R.R.Manthalkar Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy, Prof. R.K. Patney, Prof. V. M. Gadre, Prof S.D. Joshi, Prof A.S. Abhyankar
Workshop on U Deliver V Nurture:Intellect Creation & Protection for Image Processing 25 April 2015 Dr. L. V. Birgale  
Workshop on ARM Protocol & Real Time OS 4-9 March 2015 Dr. S. N. Talbar  
Expert lecture on Intellectual Property:Patents 26 Dec. 2014 Dr. L.V.Birgale Dr. M.G.Kulkarni
One Week STTP on Wavelets & it's Applications 8 Dec. 2014 Dr. M. B. Kokare  
One Day workshop on Underwate Signal Processing 17 Nov. 2014 Dr. S. S. Gajre
Dr. R. R. Manthalkar
Dr. Arnab Das
Two day Workshop on Medical Diagnostics 27 Sept. 2014 Dr. S. N.Talbar Dr. Abijeet Pawar and Dr. Ajay Deshmukh
Workshop on Computer Vision 16-17 Sept 2014 Dr. A.V.Nandedkar
Dr. S. V. Bonde
Two-days Faculty Training Young Teachers Orientation Programme 14 July 2014 Prof. A. N. Kamthane  
Expert Lecture on Transport Scenario in India  11 March 2014 Dr. S.N.Talbar Mr. P.K.Shrivastava
Expert Lecture on Intelligent Video Surveillance 11 March 2014 Dr. S. N. Talbar Dr. Sachin Gengaje
One day workshop on Programmable System on Chip 11 March 2014 Dr. S. N. Talbar Mr. Abhay Tambe
AICTE approved Staff Development Program on "Recent Advances in Speech, Image and Video Processing" 12-23, December 2011 Dr. S. N. Talbar  
Workshop on "NS2" 25-26, February 2011 Prof. A. N. Kamthane  


Workshops attended by our department faculty:

Sr.No. Name of Event Type Duration Venue Name of Participants
1 CDAC-Workshop on IPv6 Workshop 07/03/2015 C-DAC Banglore Prof. A.N.Kamthane
Technical Staff Training on
Network Administratiion:
Configuring LAN and WAN
02/03/2015 to
Engineering Staff
College of India
(ESCI), Hyderabad
Mr. P. R.Navghare
Mr. H. S.Somajwar
Faculty Training Programme on
Developing High Performance
24/02/2015 to
Citrus Hotel , Lonavla
Dr. D. D. Doye
Dr. S.N. Talbar
Dr. S V Bonde
Prof. A N Kamthane
Dr. R R Manthalkar
Dr. A B Gonde
Dr. S S Gajare
Ms. Dr. S G Kejgir
Dr. M B Kokare
Dr. A V Nandedkar
Ms. Dr. Lenina Birgale
Mr. M V Bhalerao
Prof. V P Ghanwat
Dr. A R Patil
Prof P S Nalwade
Two-day workshop on
Electromagnetics: Pedagogy and
Research Trends
23/01/2015 to
IIT Bombay Prof. S M Jattti
Mentor, APM & Academia
Ecosystem Partnership
Inauguration Ceremony at APM,
Pune: Signing of MOU
14/01/2015 APM Pune
Dr. R R Manthalkar
Dr. S S Gajare
Dr. Y V Joshi
Residential Program on Leadership
and Teamwork for Excellence
29/12/2014 to
Port Blair
Mr. A G Tamsekar
Mr. P R Navghare
Mr S M Degloorkar
Corporate Social Resposibility and
ISO 26000
29/11/2014 to
Mr. Millind V Bhalerao
8 National Workshop on Cryptology Workshop
25/09/2014 to
IITDM Jabalpur. Prof. A N kamthane
Two-days National Workshop on
Software Defined Ratio
05/09/2014 to
PES Institute of
Technology &
Mr. S M Jatti
One-week Faulty Upgradation
Programme on Embedded System
Design using ARM Cortex M3
04/08/2014 to
Dr. S N Talbar

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STTP/workshops and pedagogy training programs: >>>>Click here for details...