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Our VLSI Laboratory is fastly becoming one of the best equipped to lead the way.  Ever since we thought of providing an alternative way for students who wish to enter the core Microelectronics/VLSI field, we are thinking to strengthen the lab.

In the last 10 years, we have received following funds for the development of the laboratory:
  • DST-FIST funding of Rs. 47.50 lakh
  • MODROB funding of Rs. 15.00 lakh
  • TEQIP-II funding of Rs. 10.50 lakhs
  • Institute funding of more than Rs. 15.00 lakh
With this funding, we have following frontend/backend tools with us:
  • Cadence XL bundle
  • Microwind Full Suite
  • Tanner tools
  • Xilinx 14.2 with 25 licences
  • Digilent Spartan 3E starter kits
  • Spartan 3A DSP 3400A Development platform
  • Xilinx ML505 Vertex5 Development Board
  • Xilinx ML506 Vertex5 Development Board
  • Xilinx ML507 Vertex5 Development Board
  • Xilix Zynq Video Kit
Recently, we have signed MoU with Mentor Graphics, Inc. in Collaboration with Applied Micro, Pune.  Under this MoU, Mentor Graphics HEP will provide front-end and back-end tools  for three years to us.  There will also be free training to faculty and students.
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